The Old Castle-Vushtrri- The Old Castle in Vushtrri is one of the oldest cultural heritage monuments in the town of… Më shumë
Grand Bazaar- Urban complex “Çarshija e Madhe” (Grand Bazaar) contains 525 important facilities. It is known as the biggest… Më shumë
Batlava Lake- Batllava Lake is located in the territory of the municipality of Besiana, near the village of Orllan… Më shumë
Lake Radoniq- Lake Radoniq is an artificial lake in the municipality of Gjakova. Created in the 1980s, the lake… Më shumë
White River- The White River is the river that crosses the western part of Kosovo, respectively Dukagjini. The Drin… Më shumë
The Holy Bridge- The Holy Bridge is a protected natural area in the White River canyon and is a natural… Më shumë
Mirusha waterfalls- Mirusha waterfalls are part of a park of particular natural, scientific, cultural and tourist importance. The area… Më shumë
Kosovo Museum- Monumental eclectic building "Kosovo Museum" (Guest house of Jashar Pasha), is located close to the historic area… Më shumë
Building of the League of Prizren- The League of Prizren Building is part of the Gazi Mehmed Pasha complex, namely the complex of… Më shumë
The Tabak Bridge- The Tabak (Tannery) Bridge is located over the Erenik River in the south of Gjakova. The bridge… Më shumë