The name of this restaurant gives a pretty good idea of what can be expected. Centrally located, Home Restuarant is the place to go for those who would like to enjoy a homely, multicultural gastronomic experience in Pristina. From traditional Kosovan to Greek, Chinese and Italian dishes, and from American-style burgers to vegetarian recipes, Home offers a sophisticated mix for customers. Even better, the restaurant has a wonderful garden and is frequented by international staff as well as local artists. It provides visitors with a glimpse on the cosmopolitan life on Kosovo’s capital.

Available Reservations

  • Indoor standard cabin

    Half board

    + more info

    Stylish and individually designed room featuring a satellite TV, mini bar and a 24-hour room service menu.

    Bed size:King size


Prishtina  Prishtina was home to several Illyrian and Roman people at the classical times. King Bardyll is brought various tribes together in the area of Prishtina in the 4th century BC, establishing the Dardanian Kingdom. The heritage of the classical era is still evident in the city, represented by ancient city of Ulpiana, that was Read more

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